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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jaring / Dinding (net/wall)


Authentic Assessment in Net/Wall Games: Valuing Process in TGfU and the 4Rs


READ: Player reads cues in the game situation, makes decisions, and re-locates within the play area.

RESPOND: Player makes appropriate cover movements in the area of play, selecting the appropriate skill for the situation.

REACT: As object enters player’s play area, the player makes an adjustment to the object’s force, spin and direction, and executes appropriate “on-the-ball” skill.

RECOVER: After skill execution, player makes appropriate recovery movements to set-up for the next READ phase.


Base: Player makes an appropriate return to a home or recovery position between skill attempts.

Decision-making: Player makes appropriate choices about where to place the object or when defending space.

Cover: Player makes defensive movement in relation to object being played by an opponent (cover space) or provides defensive help to a teammate making a play on the ball.

Adjust: Player moves appropriately, (offensively or defensively), as required by the play of the object in the game.

Skill execution: Player executes efficient performance of selected skills.

Support (pass used): Player makes off-the-ball movement to a position to receive a pass when the player’s team has possession.

Guard or mark: Player defends against an opponent who may or may not have the ball.

Tim Hopper, School of Physical Education

University of Victoria





Hit a balloon back and forth across the line until one player is unable to reach the balloon in time, and it touches the ground


Balloons, or beach balls

How to Play

Players begin by facing each other on opposite sides of the line. One player “serves” the balloon across the line to the other player. When the balloon is served, it must cross the line at waist height or higher; if it does not, player serves the balloon again. The play continues until the balloon touches the ground. This counts as a point for the opposing side.


Cross-legged Balloonminton

Begin by defining a small playing surface with ability appropriate sidelines. Players sit cross-legged on the floor and hit a balloon back and forth over the line. Players must stay seated, and can only move their upper body.

Doubles Balloonminton

- Two players per side

- Play with a net at badminton-level height

- Variations: Increase the number of players per side.

Could be done cooperatively with a continuous rally of the balloon.

Think About…

A moving opponent

Main Tactical Level of Skill Focus

Focus Complexity

Manipulation Looking for the Moderate (Sending Away) Open Space on the Opponent’s Side


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