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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sasaran ( Target Game )


In Target-type games, players score by avoiding obstacles to get their objects closer than their opponent’s objects to the target. Some examples are: bowling, golf, curling, and croquet. Tactical solutions learned in one game can be adapted and applied to tactical problems in other target games.


Tips for Increasing a Team’s Chance of Scoring

• Put up guards to protect the rocks

• To help place rocks, have the skip use his or her stick to show a target

• Players should bump or raise their own rock into the playing area

• Use aim to draw accurately to the button (need proper mechanics in delivery)

• Try to get the last shot (the hammer) in the last end

• Use different angles of approach to hit the rock

• Make controlled use of force

• Put rocks at the front of the house rather than in the back half of the house so that you can bump it back later

• Communicate with the skip

Tips for Decreasing the Other Team’s Chances of Scoring

• Knock the other team’s rocks out (take-out)

• Place rocks in a position where they guard rocks in scoring position

• Spread rocks to make it difficult for opponents to take out more than one at a time

James Mandigo & Joanna Sheppard Brock University




Players try to get their beanbags into the hoops using the fewest number of throws possible

Number of Participants

About 4 players per hoop


9 hula-hoops per game, and 1 beanbag per player

How to Play

• Place nine hula-hoops on the floor around the gym (or outside)

• Label the hoops 1-9

• In groups (up to four/group), players alternate shots and try to get their beanbag in hoop #1 using as few throws as possible. The group then proceeds to hoop #2, and so on.

• Distribute the groups evenly at all the hoops. Groups who start at hoop #2 end at hoop #1, and so on.


Beanbag Basketball Golf

This game is played like Beanbag Golf, but uses the 4-6 basketball hoops in the gym as the targets. A long stick may be needed to knock down any beanbags that become lodged on the basketball hoop.

Disc Golf

This game is similar to Beanbag Golf, except played outside. Hula-hoops are placed on the ground, and players use plastic discs instead of beanbags.

Think About…

Precision in throwing.

Main Skill Focus

Tactical Focus

Level of Complexity

Manipulation Aim and Accuracy Relatively Easy(Sending Away)


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